Sinalli Sportswear

Address 2/45 Artisan Road, Seven Hills, NSW 2147

Phone (02) 9838 4846

Sinalli is an Australian owned leading sportswear manufacturer, a family owned business, established in Sydney in the year 2000 and operating, expanding and increasing sales every year and servicing thousands of different sporting clubs.

Here at Sinalli we specialise in custom team wear for rugby league, rugby union, soccer, cricket and athletics to name a few.

Our supply chain is short and we work on small order and quick turn round principle.

We are proud to employ a local workforce of 30 employees.

Our main objective is to combine “passion, innovation, advanced technology and design” to all our products.

By using the highest quality fabrics and pattern cuts we can customise garments with superior comfort and durability for any level of athlete at the most affordable price.


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