Powersmart Electrical

Address Unit 3/26 Anne St, St Marys NSW 2760

Phone 9673 6766

Powersmart has six focused components:

  1. Electrical
  2. Communications
  3. Maintenance
  4. Commercial
  5. Industrial
  6. Domestic

Powersmart Electrical creates a flexible awareness between your problem and a real workable efficient problem solution, that is, the right job, the first time.

Powersmart Electrical is truly consumer centric. Our very unique philosophy is based on thorough understanding of the customer and the customers need to have a desired result in an efficient and long lasting manner. Using common sense planning and implementation of cost effective, customer benefit driven Communications, carefully targeted through the relevant vehicles that define, A first time, no waste end of problem, solution!

With the move to our new main office 10 years ago located in the industrial area of Sydney’s Greater West our plans to grow started, with our team the Company is now strategically placed to anticipate market needs and evaluate successful Commercial, Industrial and Domestic programs providing a unique and active intelligent solution.

Services :

  • All electrical service & maintenance
  • Gaming machine power & data
  • Exit & Emergency lighting
  • O.H&S testing and tagging
  • Carpark lighting repairs
  • 12 metre trailer boom lift hire
  • And much more


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